Monday, March 21, 2011

The NFL Lockout???


     Is it safe to say this is the most ridiculous display of "Collective Bargaining" ever!!! This is the NFL, and I understand that this "lock out" has more to do with greed, money and politics than it actually has to do with the entertainment factor of the game, or the passion and kompetive nature of the players giving their blood, sweat and tears to make millions of dollars, But granted, the people locking them out (The Owners)  makes millions alike and much more. So even though though players, staffs and owners are out of their jobs it seems that these two sides will be just fine without the NFL season kome August.
     So, where does that leave the fans??? The die hard, screaming, yelling, passionate, season ticket holder, Sunday ticket holder, Sunday and Monday Night Football loving , Fantasy Football playing red blooded human beings who love the very idea of Football and everything that the NFL Season, Post Season and SuperBowl has become in its storied history. You know where it leaves us, lost, konfused and dissapointed that some of the richest and powerful people in America, as far as sports is koncerned, kan't seem to come to a "Collective Bargain" to reach an "Agreement" so these atheletes kan get on the field and do what they love to do and so we kan watch them do what they love to do, because oh how we love our football, specifically the NFL!!!
     So, Owners, Players...Fellas, get it together!!! How kan you kome off the most watced Super Bowl in the NFL's History to a Lockout??? It's pathedic and inexcusable...

Tell me what you think...and Who is to blame for the lockout???
Also Who should be the #1 pick in April's Draft???


  1. As with any company experiencing a strike or "lockout" in this case, the vast majority of blame must be laid upon the employer/owners. When the general mass of the employees have reasonable grievances, it is the employers responsiblity to make the sacrifices (with reason) necessary to correct the situation. This is especially true for businesses that rely as heavily as the NFL does on its employees. NFL players are not easily replaced, therefore the NFL cannot afford to be uncompromising. From what little I know about the issues, the employees/players are not being unreasonable anyway. I think the owners do have a bit of a slave master mentality similar to the way that ex-slave masters treated ex-slaves during the sharecropping days in the Jim Crow south. Whereas, although these black men were free, they were constantly reminded that they were still under the "thumbs" of the ex-slave owners they recieved their farmland from. The million dollar contracts the players recieve represent the farmland that sharecropping ex=slaves recieved from the ex-slave owners.

  2. Preciate the komments Universal...That korrelation is a dangerous one to use but I do think it works, of kourse not literally but we know whats going on!!!